Corporate Recovery

Comprehensive consulting services in the field of corporate recovery through expertise and cooperation.

Corporate Recovery

Even if the management plans for economic cycles, unforeseen difficulties can arise when a turnaround sets in. In such a situation, priorities must be quickly adjusted and suitable activities initiated.

BRL GmbH has – also within the scope of close cooperation with the lawyers and insolvency administrators of the law firm BRL BOEGE ROHDE LUEBBEHUESEN – a team of restructuring specialists who have experience in working with and advising corporate leaders, financial institutions, turnaround and venture capital experts and who can apply these to your benefit. If your company is in a difficult phase, you should definitely involve specialists at short notice. From our experience, we can say that in many cases liquidation and insolvency can be avoided by early identification of problems and immediate professional action.

Turnaround solutions

  • Comprehensive turnaround strategies
  • Optimization of performance and working capital
  • Financial modelling and business plan preparation
  • Debt counselling
  • Purchase and sale of companies in need of restructuring
  • Debt rescheduling
  • Debt relief or debt-equity swaps
  • Cash management in the crisis
  • Support in negotiations with current and potential financiers

Exit Strategies

  • Advice and review with regard to desired results, including disposal

Corporate insolvency

  • Formal insolvency proceedings including coordination, voluntary structuring and liquidation as well as coercive measures

Private insolvency 

Advice on options for private insolvency including partnership agreements, individual voluntary agreements and insolvency

We offer lenders economic, pragmatic advice in order to optimise business results and value. We understand the need of lenders to minimize the risk of active and future loan defaults. Fast and reliable advice is essential in such cases. Our teams of experts have the necessary experience and expertise not only in consulting but also in implementing strategies to maximize the sum of repayments.


  • Independent Business valuations
  • Review prior to capital provision
  • Representation at meetings of lenders
  • Formal insolvency proceedings
  • Forensic accounting
  • Reorganisation
  • Exit strategy

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